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Is laser hair removal for me?

Are you tired of shaving or waxing? What if you could get rid of the unwanted hair once and for all? Laser hair removal is an option worth considering. It is a fast and effective way of removing unwanted hair with up to 90 percent reduction. Here are the tips you need before you embark on this hair removal journey.

How it works

The laser hair removal procedure uses a cosmetic infrared laser device to generate heat as it passes through your skin. The heat is used to damage the hair follicle, which contains the hair pigment (melanin). A damaged hair follicle translates to inhibited growth of hair. For best results, the technician must ensure that the procedure is in line with your skin and hair type.


• It provides value for your money compared to waxing or shaving.
• If done properly with the correct laser it is safe for all skin types.
• It achieves up to 90 percent hair removal in people with light skin and dark hair.
• Reduces in-growing hairs.
• Only minor pain or sensitivity during the healing process.


Refrain from other hair removal procedures

If you are planning to start this laser hair removal treatment, you might want to refrain from waxing and electrolysis. These methods are used for temporary hair removal. As a result, you cannot undergo the procedure if there is no hair follicle to destroy. Also, you should not have long hairs since they may not create a conducive environment for the removal procedure. For best results, shave one or two days before the hair removal procedure.

Avoid the sun

Limit your activities in the sun for about six weeks before and after the treatment procedure. This is because exposure to the sun reduces the effectiveness of the hair removal procedure. Tanning is also discouraged because it may cause complications on your skin during and after the procedure.

What to expect

First off, the technician will conduct a patch test to determine the laser that will best suit your skin and hair type. For example, longer wavelengths are best for darker skin types because they go deeper as they bypass melanin without causing damage on the skin. Unlike other hair removal methods like waxing, this method causes only minor pain. Many people say that it feels like a rubber band snapping on your skin.

You will not just see the results magically. It will take some time. For good results, you will need five to six sessions. Depending on the body part that is getting treatment, you will need 20 minutes to one hour. You may need a full body hair removal procedure. However, it cannot be done all at once. You will need to go one at a time because there is only a limited amount of light and heat your body can withstand.

The cost of the hair removal procedure varies widely depending on the area that needs hair removal, the specialist you are dealing with, and the number of sessions needed.


After treatment, your skin will obviously be sensitive. Take lukewarm showers to protect your skin. You should also avoid perfumes and lotions with active ingredients because they may react with your skin. Consider using anti-inflammatory creams or lotion to aid full recovery.


In a nutshell, shaving and waxing can be a daunting experience. With laser hair removal, you do not have to worry about that anymore. The commonly used method helps you achieve up to 90 percent hair removal. Consider using this pain-free procedure for permanent hair removal. What are you waiting for? Make use of these tips to achieve a hair free body.

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