Intense Pulsed Light

IPL Facials: The Light That Brings Out Your Inner Glow

You can find a facial on the market today that boasts just about every result you could imagine. But what if you could achieve an all-in-one result with an IPL facial that is backed by science?

IPL stands for “intense pulsed light.” Simply put, an IPL facial (AKA photofacial) is exactly what it sounds like – a facial that uses light.

The light used in an IPL facial is a powerful, focused light that filters through specific wavelengths to react with facial tissue, stimulating all the right parts with the added benefit of not causing damage to sensitive outer layers like a traditional laser might. Another difference is that a traditional laser can only operate on a narrow range of wavelengths, whereas the type of light used for a photofacial is operable on a large range of wavelengths. This means that these types of lights are more customizable. They can work on a larger variety of skin conditions and are more successful in treating clients with different skin types.

So what are the results? What skin goals can this treatment accomplish? In addition to tightening skin, minimizing pores, and reducing the appearance of brown spots, age spots, freckles and facial redness. This type of treatment does a complete resurfacing of your skin – changing the pigmentation of problem areas and removing brown spots.

An intense pulsed light facial is more gentle than a traditional laser facial. Most clients experience some redness on their skin after treatment. Brown spots may appear darker after treatment but peel off soon after. A more gentle technique may mean more sessions to achieve desired results, however, it also means a more tailored process that uses only the minimum exposure necessary to reach your ideal skin.

Clients who have undergone a photo facial have great things to say about it. Many clients say that the treatment is a good value for the results it produces and that the time investment involved is minimal. Some people have even been surprised to note that the treatment also works well for broken capillaries and blood vessels.

Think your skin might benefit from the glow of an intense pulsed light? The experienced staff at Vasaio Laser Services is dedicated to helping you achieve your desired appearance and would be happy to discuss whether this treatment is ideal for you!

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