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IPL or Genesis Treatment BUY 5 GET 1 FREE $750

Laser Hair Removal PKG. small area lip & chin,neck, underarm, or bikini line $359 – (6 Treatments)

Full Legs $999 – (6 Treatments)

$300 OFF Ultrashape Treatment PKG. for abdomen

$10 OFF haircut with full price color – excludes master stylists

$10 OFF full price pedicure  – excludes master stylists

New Father’s Day Specials! 🎁

IPL or Genesis Treatment BUY 5 GET 1 FREE $750

Laser Hair Removal PKG. small area lip & chin,neck, underarm, or bikini line $359 – (6 Treatments)

Full Legs $999 – (6 Treatments)

$300 OFF Ultrashape Treatment PKG. for abdomen

$10 OFF haircut with full price color – excludes master stylists

$10 OFF full price pedicure  – excludes master stylists

Intense Pulsed Light

IPL Facials: The Light That Brings Out Your Inner Glow

You can find a facial on the market today that boasts just about every result you could imagine. But what if you could achieve an all-in-one result with an IPL facial that is backed by science?

IPL stands for “intense pulsed light.” Simply put, an IPL facial (AKA photofacial) is exactly what it sounds like – a facial that uses light.

The light used in an IPL facial is a powerful, focused light that filters through specific wavelengths to react with facial tissue, stimulating all the right parts with the added benefit of not causing damage to sensitive outer layers like a traditional laser might. Another difference is that a traditional laser can only operate on a narrow range of wavelengths, whereas the type of light used for a photofacial is operable on a large range of wavelengths. This means that these types of lights are more customizable. They can work on a larger variety of skin conditions and are more successful in treating clients with different skin types.

So what are the results? What skin goals can this treatment accomplish? In addition to tightening skin, minimizing pores, and reducing the appearance of brown spots, age spots, freckles and facial redness. This type of treatment does a complete resurfacing of your skin – changing the pigmentation of problem areas and removing brown spots.

An intense pulsed light facial is more gentle than a traditional laser facial. Most clients experience some redness on their skin after treatment. Brown spots may appear darker after treatment but peel off soon after. A more gentle technique may mean more sessions to achieve desired results, however, it also means a more tailored process that uses only the minimum exposure necessary to reach your ideal skin.

Clients who have undergone a photo facial have great things to say about it. Many clients say that the treatment is a good value for the results it produces and that the time investment involved is minimal. Some people have even been surprised to note that the treatment also works well for broken capillaries and blood vessels.

Think your skin might benefit from the glow of an intense pulsed light? The experienced staff at Vasaio Laser Services is dedicated to helping you achieve your desired appearance and would be happy to discuss whether this treatment is ideal for you!

If you would like to book an appointment for this treatment click here or give us a call at 616-942-2966.

How to Contour Your Body with UltraShape Technology

At Vasaio Life Spa, we are proud to offer UltraShape body contour services to our clients. This noninvasive and effective treatment is ideal for achieving a leaner and more sculpted look. Learn more about it below to determine if it is right for you.

What is UltraShape?

UltraShape is the first FDA approved ultrasound technology of its kind. It features quick changing energy which targets fat cells located deep below the surface layer of the skin. As a result of the constant supply of energy waves, the fat cell membranes begin to rupture and eventually flush out of your body entirely, leaving you feeling lighter, leaner and more sculpted.

This simple procedure is an excellent alternative to treatments such as laser fat removal, fat freezing, and even liposuction. It is ideal for both the face and body, making it the perfect tool for eliminating stubborn fat such as under the chin, arms and inner thighs.

Is It Safe?

The ultrasound technology used in UltraShape devices has been proven to be a safe and effective way to eliminate fat by the FDA. In addition to this, it does not utilize excessive amounts of heat or cold like similar treatments, making it a less painful and more relaxing experience for patients.

In fact, most patients report experiencing no pain at all during and following treatments. In some cases, side effects may occur. However, these are typically low in severity and go away within a few days after your UltraShape procedure. The most common side effects include redness, swelling and general irritation around the affected areas of the body.

The best part about this kind of body shape treatment is that it is entirely noninvasive and as a result, does not require any downtime. That means you can get back to your busy schedule immediately after receiving treatments. As an added bonus, it does not produce any visible signs of having had a cosmetic procedure done.

How Quickly Will Results Appear?

If you are like most people, you want minimal side effects with the fastest results possible. Fortunately, UltraShape body contour treatment can offer just that. In fact, many patients report seeing results in as little as two weeks.

However, a more noticeable fat loss will occur over a series of treatments conducted with short breaks between visits. This kind of body shape procedure requires some time to produce the best results possible because your body needs to flush out the broken up fat cells gradually. As with any other cosmetic treatment, following a healthy diet and maintaining daily exercise will aid your fat loss goals.

Whether you have tried other body shaping treatments with no luck or just want to experience leading technology in a nonsurgical fat loss, UltraShape may be right for you. Discover how innovative ultrasound technology can help you reach your body goals. Get started today by calling 616-942-2966 to discuss your body sculpting needs with one of our friendly specialists!

Couples Massage

Receive a Relaxing Couples Massage Today

Benefits of Couples Massage

Massage has been used for centuries as a way to combat anxiety, headaches, injuries or strains. These benefits are well known and at the top of someone’s mind whenever they are considering getting a massage. There are other types of massage, though, and they also come with unique benefits and quality of life improvements.

Couples massage is one such specialized area of massage that is often overlooked when a person is planning quality time with a significant other. For some couples, the benefits of receiving a massage together might not be readily apparent, but with an open mind and a willingness to try something new, it can almost be guaranteed that a couples massage will have meaningful and lasting benefits for both people in the relationship.

Time for Something New

A couples massage is a great way for couples to reconnect and feel rejuvenated, but these massages aren’t limited to any specific kind of couple. Spouses, dating partners, best friends and family members can all find time to enjoy a massage together while getting rid of stress and anxiety.

Time to Unwind

In addition to all of the wellness perks of a regular massage, spending this time as a couple provides a chance to unwind in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere without any outside distractions or interference. There are no cell phones, no television, no loud movies or restaurants, and no family members or pets vying for your time. It’s a time for you and your loved one to reconnect and recharge in a peaceful, luxurious, intimate environment.

Time to Bond

Couples massage can help you enjoy the present time and bond with your partner, increasing the affection you feel toward each other and perhaps reminding both of you about all of the little things that attracted you in the first place. These are things that can be taken for granted in the day to day hectic grind. This massage is a way to focus only on the positive things, and can hopefully provide a way to channel those positive feelings long after the massage is finished.

Time Together

If you’ve ever stressed about what to do for date night or how to manage an entire household of conflicting schedules, a couples massage might be a great solution. It’s a one-stop relaxation destination that starts and ends for the two of you at the same time. And if it is for date night, a massage makes a great start or end to the perfect date.

Check out the spa services and packages at Vasaio Life Spa, and book your couples massage today.

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Laser Genesis can rejuvenate your skin!

Skin Restoration Treatment Review: Laser Genesis

If you’re looking for an effective anti-aging skin treatment that works without the residual peeling, flaking, and irritation that’s normally experienced after chemical peels and microdermabrasion, Laser Genesis is the solution for you.

Overview: What is Laser Genesis and Who Is It For?

Laser Genesis is a restoring and rejuvenating therapeutic skin treatment that you can get at Vasaio Life Spa, a medical spa that offers laser esthetics. It’s for any who wants a see a dramatic improvement in their skin tone and texture. If your skin is damaged from years of sun exposure, medical conditions that cause hyperpigmentation, the after-effects of acne or side-effects of acne treatments, or from plain old premature aging, this therapeutic treatment can help you to get rid of fine lines or deep wrinkles, large pores, scars and red spots.

What are the pros and cons of Laser Genesis skin treatment?
+It’s a non-invasive, virtually pain-free treatment or therapy that doesn’t require any local or topical anesthesia.
+It works effectively on your face, neck, and all areas of your body.
-It’s not for women who are pregnant or for people being treated for skin cancer.
-You’ll need to stop using self-tanning products 2-4 weeks before getting a Laser Genesis treatment.

Features and Benefits of Skin Therapy Using Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis works by using a warm micro-pulsing laser to stimulate the uppermost layers of your skin where collagen production takes place. It’s therapeutic service that improves your body’s ability to continually reproduce collagen long after treatment.

How the laser treatment process works

1) The first step is a consultation with an esthetician to assess your skin type, discuss your expectations, and determine how many treatments you’ll need.
2) The second step is the pre-treatment. The esthetician will cleanse your skin to remove makeup. They may also remove any excess hair from the areas to be treated. They will also apply protective eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser.
3) Next is the actual Laser Genesis treatment. Your esthetician will begin by treating a small test area to determine the right laser settings and ensure your comfort. Then they will treat your forehead, under-eye area, upper and lower cheeks, and chin area focusing on scars, discoloration, lines and wrinkles.

What results can you expect? Each treatment session lasts about half an hour. Many clients see improvements immediately. But you may need 4-6 treatments every 30 days to achieve maximum results. Since it doesn’t require anesthesia, you’ll be able to resume normal activity right after treatment.

Laser Genesis Customer Reviews and Feedback

Clients enjoy the warming sensation of the laser and the immediate glow they experience after treatment. While some report redness, there is no residual skin peeling as happens with chemical peels. Those with conditions like eczema and rosacea report that Laser Genesis skin therapy often works better than topical steroids and other medications to reduce redness and inflammation of their skin.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is an excellent first line skin therapy. It’s also a great way to augment your existing at-home skin care regiment. Contact Vasaio Life Spa for more details and book an appointment for a laser skin treatment.

Soothing Hot Rocks

Is laser hair removal for me?

Are you tired of shaving or waxing? What if you could get rid of the unwanted hair once and for all? Laser hair removal is an option worth considering. It is a fast and effective way of removing unwanted hair with up to 90 percent reduction. Here are the tips you need before you embark on this hair removal journey.

How it works

The laser hair removal procedure uses a cosmetic infrared laser device to generate heat as it passes through your skin. The heat is used to damage the hair follicle, which contains the hair pigment (melanin). A damaged hair follicle translates to inhibited growth of hair. For best results, the technician must ensure that the procedure is in line with your skin and hair type.


• It provides value for your money compared to waxing or shaving.
• If done properly with the correct laser it is safe for all skin types.
• It achieves up to 90 percent hair removal in people with light skin and dark hair.
• Reduces in-growing hairs.
• Only minor pain or sensitivity during the healing process.


Refrain from other hair removal procedures

If you are planning to start this laser hair removal treatment, you might want to refrain from waxing and electrolysis. These methods are used for temporary hair removal. As a result, you cannot undergo the procedure if there is no hair follicle to destroy. Also, you should not have long hairs since they may not create a conducive environment for the removal procedure. For best results, shave one or two days before the hair removal procedure.

Avoid the sun

Limit your activities in the sun for about six weeks before and after the treatment procedure. This is because exposure to the sun reduces the effectiveness of the hair removal procedure. Tanning is also discouraged because it may cause complications on your skin during and after the procedure.

What to expect

First off, the technician will conduct a patch test to determine the laser that will best suit your skin and hair type. For example, longer wavelengths are best for darker skin types because they go deeper as they bypass melanin without causing damage on the skin. Unlike other hair removal methods like waxing, this method causes only minor pain. Many people say that it feels like a rubber band snapping on your skin.

You will not just see the results magically. It will take some time. For good results, you will need five to six sessions. Depending on the body part that is getting treatment, you will need 20 minutes to one hour. You may need a full body hair removal procedure. However, it cannot be done all at once. You will need to go one at a time because there is only a limited amount of light and heat your body can withstand.

The cost of the hair removal procedure varies widely depending on the area that needs hair removal, the specialist you are dealing with, and the number of sessions needed.


After treatment, your skin will obviously be sensitive. Take lukewarm showers to protect your skin. You should also avoid perfumes and lotions with active ingredients because they may react with your skin. Consider using anti-inflammatory creams or lotion to aid full recovery.


In a nutshell, shaving and waxing can be a daunting experience. With laser hair removal, you do not have to worry about that anymore. The commonly used method helps you achieve up to 90 percent hair removal. Consider using this pain-free procedure for permanent hair removal. What are you waiting for? Make use of these tips to achieve a hair free body.

To see this and other laser treatments we offer, click here!

Seasonal Specials

Seasonal Specials!😊

Get ready for the Holidays with our seasonal specials. You can look and feel your best going into the new year if you start now! Great deals on packages to tone and tighten and smooth your skin. Our treatments will leave you feeling ready to face the busy season ahead.

KPS Organic Facial – $129
IPL or Genesis Treatment Buy 5 Get 1 Free – $750
Small Area Laser Hair Removal
6 Treatment Package:
Lip, Chin, Neck, Underarm, Bikini Line – $329
Full Legs – $999
$300 Off Ultrashape Treatment PKG
$10 Off Haircut With Full Color Purchase*
Free Parafin Dip With Full Manicure Service*
*Excludes Master Stylists


The Differences Between Our Selection of Massage Types

A massage not only feels good, but it can also provide the body any number of valuable benefits, including stress-relief, release of knotted muscles, preparation for and recovery from athletic activity and a smooth pregnancy, among others. They key to benefitting most from the massages you receive is identifying exactly which type of bodywork provides you the therapy you most need at the time. Below, we’ve listed six of the most common types of massage we offer at Vasaio Life Spa and the primary differences between them.


When most people think of massage, it’s the Swedish technique they’re thinking about, whether they realize it or not. Swedish bodywork is a relaxing, stress-relieving form of bodywork that releases tense or cramped muscles. Unlike the Eastern bodywork methods formed around the energy centers of the body, Swedish bodywork is rooted firmly in Western comprehension of basic human anatomy and physiology. The Swedish method is the perfect form to receive as one’s introduction to bodywork therapy, and it lends well to couples sessions as well.

The Swedish method is comprised of a combination of three essential bodywork techniques, applied with oil or lotion:

  • Effleurage – long, smooth strokes performed usually at the beginning and end of a session
  • Petrissage – the kneading and rolling of muscles, not unlike kneading dough, as well as lifting motions
  • Friction – deep, firm pressure applied usually in a circular or wringing motion to particular spots on the body using the fingertips, knuckles or thumb.

Older forms of the Swedish method also incorporated a fourth technique, called tapotement. These were rapid, percussive movements, including pounding on the muscles. Tapotement has fallen into relative disuse over time given that it isn’t a particularly relaxing sensation to experience during an otherwise relaxing session. Swedish bodywork may also include vibration techniques like the gentle rocking or shaking of various limbs or body parts.

Swedish bodywork sessions often begin with long, sweeping movements across the whole body, slowly refining themselves as the session proceeds to specific problem areas.


Sports bodywork is very focused work that combines whatever techniques are necessary in order to achieve the desired goal, usually to prepare an athlete for peak performance or to help an athlete to recover post-performance. This includes helping to both prevent and treat injuries in a non-invasive and non-debilitating manner. Sports masseuses combine Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Shiatsu and any other techniques they may need to get the job done.

Deep Tissue

A more intense bodywork method for more severe situations, deep tissue work digs in deeply to release knotted muscles. In deep tissue work, a masseuse uses his or her knuckles to literally strip muscles smooth and straight as close to the bone as he or she can get. As a result, while other forms of bodywork may leave you feeling relaxed, a deep tissue session may well leave you feeling a bit sore.


In reflexology, masseuses focus their attention exclusively on the hands and feet. Based on the belief that the hands and feet serve as a sort of microcosmic map of the whole human body, reflexologists apply very focused finger, thumb and hand techniques to the hands and feet with the goal of affecting these other body parts, regions or systems. Reflexology techniques are mostly gentle and painless and are applied without the use of any oil or lotion.

Pre-Natal (pregnancy)

If you’re pregnant and seeking bodywork, then pre-natal work is what you’re looking for. Pre-natal bodywork is gentle yet effective spa work that protects the health and safety of both you and your baby, while providing you both a more nurturing and supportive shared physical environment.

Hot Stone

In a hot stone bodywork session, the masseuse weighs down parts of the body with flat stones warmed over a fire as well as massages the body with them. This type of bodywork is slightly more invigorating than standard massage. Being that it draws attention and focus to the body, preventing the mind from trancing out or wandering too far astray, many people find it useful as a centering tool. It’s also helpful for releasing extremely tight muscles.

By knowing the type of experience you wish to have and the results you wish to achieve, you can use the differences outlined here to choose the best type of bodywork for your goals and needs.

For pricing please visit our menu.

Summer Specials

Summer 2017 Specials


Summer Specials  🌻🌞


Summer specials are here and it’s time to let yourself glow. We’ve got special deals that will beat the heat and bring out your inner beauty. Get your beach body ready with our ultrashape special or hit those trouble spots with a laser hair removal session so you won’t have to think about it for the rest of the summer. If you really want to stand out get yourself a color and we’ll take half off the cost of your haircut or treat yourself to a one hour pedicure and we will give you a $10 discount. Perfect for those days when the heat never seems to let up.


KPS organic facial $129 IPL or Genesis treatment $129

6 laser hair removal treatments Full legs $999

6 laser hair removal treatments $329 (small area – lip chin, neck, underarm, or bikini line)

$300 off ultrashape 3 treatment package


The following exclude master stylists

Half off cut with full color purchase

Free shellac upgrade with 1hr manicure

$10 off 1hr pedicure



If your looking for a more complete spa day make sure you head over to our packages menu and check out our great deals over there. We can accommodate any plan you have for your perfect day off.